Animals at War

Animals at War

In an alternative world where all animals have evolved together into extremely intelligent creatures, inevitably the war for superiority has begun...

Those animals have a lot in common with their relatives from our world. The cats are not very reliable - always doing what they want, the dogs - masters of following orders (even huskies sometimes do that too), etc. So choose a side that best suits you and get in the game.

Animals at War is a turn based card game for web and mobile devices. The game's rules are easy to explain and anyone can play. But in the same time Animals at War can be complex and rewarding enough for the hardcore gamers.

Backyard Kingdom

Game Rules

After choosing your favourite animal species you get a starting deck of 10 cards. The more you play and win the more cards you will get access to so you can improve your deck.

The goal of the game is either kill your enemy or gain enough alliance that will automatically win the game for you. You do that by playing your cards. You start your game with 200 health points, 0 alliance and 10 food.

The game consists of rounds. Each round has 3 phases.

Draw - fill your hand with up to 4 cards

Gain Resources - gain 1 food plus the income from your upgrades

Combat - attack your opponent with your characters or screw your opponent attacks with your events

Whiskerus Maximus

The Cards

There are 3 types of cards: Characters, Events and Upgrades. You play them by paying their food cost.

Characters - the main way of winning encounters against your opponent, deal damage, heal yourself or win alliance

Events - help you stop your enemy attack, reduce its effect or increase the power of your own attack

Upgrades - give passive abilities like gaining more food, increase or reduce damage

The Cards All Cards


Animals at War is customizable card game. Zombie animals, Space animals are just some of the periodically released themed expansions we're preparing for you. You can expect tons of cards and new mechanics so you will never be bored.



  • Senor Meow
  • Tyrannocatus Tex
  • Tybalt King of Cats
  • Mila Meowsavitch
  • Whiskerus Maximus
  • Fooderspurr
  • Whispers
  • Bow of Food
  • Betrayed
  • Smelly Fish


  • Bacon Bite
  • Zing Zing
  • Rocko the Porkchop
  • Felix Thunder Paws
  • Mister Buddy Pickles
  • Sir Hog Knucklehead
  • Backyard Kingdom
  • Whispers
  • Bow of Food
  • Betrayed


Feel free to contact us on any of the social networks or via email. We will highly appriciate any feedback, suggestions for improvement. Even if you don't like what we are doing - give us a call - we will send you a funny picture of a husky for excuse.

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